Cosmetics: Advantages and Disadvantages

Cosmetics: Advantages and Disadvantages Photo
This discussion aims to explore the two sides of cosmetics – its advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages must be considered for the safety of the consumers. A networking session on the disadvantages of cosmetics may open gates to their solutions or a new innovation to replace the existing one. The few known advantages are cosmetics makes on look attractive, boasts self-esteem, highlight one’s best feature, can help in getting a looks related job. The known disadvantages are irrevocable skin damage, skin breakdown, hard on pocket, time consumption and not knowing when and where to stop.
  • Advantages of Cosmetics
  • Irrevocable Skin Damage
  • Time Consumption
  • Becoming a Habit
  • Hard-on-pocket
  • Skin Breakdown
  • Solution for the Disadvantages

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